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Isa, 21, Belgium | Maya Rudolph, Kristen Wiig, Tina Fey, Amy Poehler are my queens of comedy |  

Lupita Nyong’o for People Magazine’s Most Beautiful

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Amy Poehler and Adam Scott tease the Parks and Rec finale (x)




Seth Meyers is the best listener on television. To see the proof, watch him every night on his new show, Late Night With Seth Meyers. His ability to connect his big-picture brain with his compassionate attention to detail makes him a great host and a loyal friend. He is a sharp performer and superior writer. But his biggest talent is the delight he takes in helping others look good. At Saturday Night Live, Seth spent 13 years making sure the comedy sausage was delivered on time. Sometimes it was delicious; other times it was tough. But he always knew what the show needed to make it edible. Often it needed him on Weekend Update, as a fake anchor delivering real news. Late Night needs him now, and we are lucky he has arrived. It’s a brutal business, this late-night game. Thankfully the new kid in town is an old pro with a kind set of eyes and the skills to pay the bills. [Note to TIME editors: I am upset with Seth for complaining our recent dinner went on too long, so please take him off this list per my request. Thanks in advance.]

Amy Poehler, for Time100 (x)

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Still from The Mindy Project finale “Danny and Mindy” airing May 6th

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mindy/danny + kisses

Aubrey Plaza | Tribeca Film Festival Portrait 2014

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Gillian Jacobs | Tribeca Film Festival Portrait 2014

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May’s Going To Be Awesome!


May 3
Andrew Garfield with musical guest Coldplay

May 10
Charlize Theron with musical guest The Black Keys

May 17 - Season 39 Finale
Andy Samberg with musical guest St. Vincent



Kate McKinnon is named one of the ‘15 Funniest People Alive Right Now’ by GQ Magazine (x x)

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